violence safety coach and presenter


Pete Kemme has over 20 years experience protecting people and businesses. Thirteen of his 17 years in law enforcement at the Grand Rapids Police Department in Michigan was spent assigned to the detective unit where he investigated over 5,000 violent crimes. He assessed risk and provided guidance to thousands of domestic violence and assault victims. 

In 2013, Pete left law enforcement and spent 4 years as a corporate threat assessment professional at Meijer, Inc. He designed and managed a comprehensive protective security program to include physical security, threat assessment and management, executive protection, violence prevention training, physical security, CCTV, access control, event security, and travel security in support of executives and over 60,000 employees.

His approach is to apply practical measures to reduce real risk using cost-effective and efficient solutions. His passion is to provide individuals the tools and knowledge they need to avoid violence and leave a more peaceful life.


Public Speaking

  • Presented on Executive Protection at the National Retail Federation’s Loss Prevention Conference.
  • Panel speaker on sexual assault at Hope College.
  • Corporate trainer and presenter on violence prevention and investigations.
  • Dozens of community presentations on crime and violence.


program design

Pete Kemme designed, implemented, and managed a comprehensive protective security program to include executive protection, violence prevention training, threat assessment and management, team development, physical security design and installation, event security, travel security, and training.


threat assessment

  • Graduated Gavin de Becker and Associates Advanced Threat Assessment Academy 2013.
  • Assessed and managed dozens of corporate threats.
  • Conducted thousands of violence risk assessments for victims of violence crime.