Our business is to help companies and individuals prevent and avoid violence. 

Our company was created to share decades of experience understanding, preventing, and avoiding violence.

Our owner, Pete Kemme, presents to groups of individuals, companies, and associations to unleash people’s natural instincts and to amplify their awareness.

Companies additionally need awareness of regulation concerning violence prevention in the workplace.

All too often companies throw up a bunch of cameras, hire a contract security team, and settle into a false sense of security.

However, security from the real risks employees face requires a company-wide culture rooted in engagement, communication, and trust.

Employees need to trust that when they speak up about concerning comments and/or behavior from fellow employees or customers, their employer will meet the responsibility to protect them.

It is imperative for companies to understand the principles and processes of threat assessment and threat management.

And when unforeseen violence enters your workplace, your people need to know how to survive.